Life. Love. Music. Stories. San Francisco.

The chronicles of an echo boomer‘s quarter life crisis.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Your blog looks interesting, I will be honest, I don’t have time to read it now as I’m due to go to a meeting in ten minutes, but I was attracted by the Annie Hall photo, love Woody Allen and Radio Head’s OK Computer and thinking and writing long posts and caring a lot and empathy and fog and yes it is no easy being green and I’m looking forward to returning to check out more. It’s hard to find other writers on WP who write long posts about topics I care about…

    • I find it to be no coincidence that A. I only recently realized blogging my life’s current events in a creative fashion is a powerful form of self therapy and B. you as a therapist found my blog interesting. In addition to that, I hold it as a high honor to be complimented and subscribed to by a great writer such as yourself.

  2. I’d never heard the term echo-boomer. There’s one more thing for people to call me 😀
    Let me guess, the first picture is circa 1982, the kodak colouring looks very familiar

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