Growing Panes (Part 3 of 3)

I Can See Better Through the Fog is a storytelling podcast series in the vein of This American Life and the Moth. It tells the ongoing story of an echo boomer’s quarter life crises, featuring life, art, love, and San Francisco. Press the play button below to hear an audio recording of this latest entry. If it doesn’t work, you may need the latest version of flash software. (click here to download). Another troubleshooting tip would be to go directly to the soundcloud website. Sit back and let your ears do the work.

Runtime: 8 minutes and 11 seconds

Selected tracks: Wake Up and Space Oddity.


3 thoughts on “Growing Panes (Part 3 of 3)

  1. I was so relieved when the character broke through the glass ceiling. It’s nice how we can understand pain these days, realise it is not a sign of failure, but one of movement, progress, irrevocable change. Thanks for sharing your work 😉

    • Thanks for listening and posting your supportive thoughts. My posts have gotten more personal over time, putting myself more at risk. It’s nice to know someone out there besides myself is getting something out of it and providing me with positive and thoughtful feedback.

      • None of us can expose this much without support…I think. I love what you’re doing here and hope to hear more…I’ll go back and read more as time permits. I need to see what you say about OK Computer (i’m listening to it right now, supposed to be doing my notes)

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